Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief

How to Get What You Want and Stop Attracting What You Don’t Want

“I’ve lost control of my mind and body. I’ve hit a brick wall trying to change my actions.  Nobody I care about finds me attractive anymore.  Nothing I want is attainable.  I feel like I’m on cruise control to hell.  Is it too late for me?”  Is This You?

These are scary statements I hear often in my psychotherapy practice. These are declarations of powerlessness at having lost all hope at being able to grow and change.  Fortunately, after years of practice, I have developed a method and created a tool for anyone who fears miracles, change or wants to understand something hidden from their senses.  The written word has the proven ability to prepare your mind to discover and fulfill your deepest desires. Reading an inspiring book, attending a lecture or participating in a therapy session does help but writing down your beliefs dramatically increases your chances of success.

Writing well or badly doesn’t matter, coming away with creative, actionable solutions, a shift in perspective, a connection to your Higher Power and the wonderful feeling of hope is what counts. Writing’s mysterious powers will allow you to learn the awesome habit of mental shape-shifting . . . holding in your mind persistently what you wish to be.

Knowledge of this healing force is indispensable to medical and mental health professionals or anyone struggling to change who they are.

Remember, you can’t become who you want to be by remaining who you are. Change comes from trying and it begins when you decide it should. Just don’t quit before the miracle happens.

OUR PROMISE  – If you come to this writing practice each day, eventually you will be able to do what you formally could not.