Making Thoughts Visible


For those who struggle with goal focused written therapy or need reinforcement as to its effectiveness,  there is a great new book titled How to be a Writer who Writes by Greg Miller.  Greg teaches creative writing to professional writers.  His process is powerful and effective.  He calls Phase 1 of his process open-ended, expectation free writing.  This approach is … Read More

Thinking Anew Now Available at Vroman’s Bookstore


Thinking Anew is now available at Vroman’s Bookstore, both on-line and in the store.  Vroman’s was founded in 1894 and is Southern California’s oldest & largest independent bookstore. Vroman’s on line review: Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power  by Eugene F. Moynihan, Jr. & Richard F. Quis Thinking Anew is a book within a composition book that helps people in crisis … Read More

How to Sharpen Your Focus


For those of us who regularly lose focus, fail to finish or fail to start, Robert Genn, a master artist, a  creative writer and a man of great wisdom, recommends the Pomodoro Technique.  While Robert Genn’s audience is visual artists, his Pomodoro approach works equally as well when using writing as a means of self-improvement. “Lately I’ve become aware that some … Read More

Thoughts become things.


When the concept of our thoughts influencing or attracting our life experience becomes part of our belief system, some amazing things begin to happened. As I began to share this with my patients, I strongly suggested they use the book to focus their thoughts on what they wanted to achieve. The daily writing of their intentions began to produce definite … Read More

Positive visualization.


I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but not too long after I began my private practice, I began to notice, and become frustrated by how difficult it appeared to be for my clients to learn from their experiences in therapy. We would deal with the presenting issues, formulate a game plan, and eventually solve the problem.  Six months later, … Read More

9/11 memories, and how Thinking Anew helped.


Each year, the 9/11 memorial date eases a little in intensity, and feels as though it’s almost emotionally manageable. This year followed suite, and as the e-mails and text messages from the volunteer police officers and therapists of CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) teams from over 60 different police departments flowed through my laptop, I remembered the conflicting emotions I … Read More

Welcome to Thinking Anew.

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Welcome to the Thinking Anew website.  How significant that our first communication should take place on the anniversary of 911. Eleven years ago, I was two blocks away from the World Trade Center the morning of the attack. I count myself fortunate to have survived that day, and I still feel a great sadness for friends and NYPD police officers … Read More