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Thinking Anew is now in its second printing and the book has attracted over 1400 followers on Twitter in 27 countries. Our Tweets have earned over 19,000 impressions, 1,000 likes and 40 retweets. Fortunately, Dick kept manual records because Twitter lost 1100 of these followers due to what is called Twitter’s “Unfollow Big.” It’s no wonder the recent Twitter auction failed to attract a buyer.


Despite these challenges, the diversity of our Twitter Followers is humbling. They not only include people who need a way to change self-destructive habits but include “creatives” –  people who earn their living by thinking anew and are further proof of Gene’s precept “That success is not reserved for the chosen few.”



Listed below are the profiles of some of our Twitter Followers along with some of our most “liked”  Tweets:


Twitter Followers:

Alcohol rehab recovery facility in Panama

Pakistan’s first and only TV channel promoting health and wellness

Career success for military spouses and veterans

Entrepreneurs and business owners, mompreneur, architects, publishers, public relations, marketing, sales, attorneys, coaches, accountants, consultants, investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, crowdfunding

Filmmakers, radio broadcasters, TV Producers, comedians, actors, screenwriters, movie producers

Authors, columnists, pianist, cinematographer, film distributer, poets, novelists, writers, bloggers,

songwriter, composer, ghost writer, dancer, model, cartoonist, photographer, magician

Medical specialists – plastic surgery, nutritionist, bariatric surgeon

Mental health – forensic psychologist, reiki master, medium, house healer, sexual abuse advocate, dietitian, relationship coach, vet transformation coach, psychiatry, clinicians, therapists, self-help coaches, psychology, lifecoaches, social workers, psychotherapist, psychologist

Visual artists, painters, starving artist, teacher, former Miami Heat’s cheerleader


Our favorites:

Classic Movie Star – daughter of a Casablanca movie star

British film and TV Star

Actress from the Pearl of the Black Sea to the City of Angeles

Dalai Lama

Serial entrepreneur and dream chaser


Countries – Singapore, Canada, Panama, Finland, UK, Spain, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Denmark, Austria, France, South Africa, Brazil, Nigeria, Italy, Ireland, Estonia, Japan, Republic of Moldova, Mexico, Germany, St. Lucia, China, Switzerland, Paraguay


Most Popular Tweets

How to make your dreams come true.

Most goals are impossible until you whittle them down.

A way for dream chasers to catch dreams.

This is the place you can begin the creative process.

You acquire greatness through practice.

Diet obviously makes you hallucinate. Nina George

Do you know how to catch up to your ambitions?

Are you willing to abandon your self-limiting beliefs?

How to create new opportunities.

Are you having trouble handling success?

Is it a mistake to demand a rational explanation for everything?

How to navigate the minefields of subconscious habits.

Do you have the ability to see what’s happening and act on it?

Get all your craziness down on paper and burn them.

How to make the invisible visible.

Don’t strangle your longings, bring them out.

Here’s a way to recover unexpressed emotions

There is Divinity in your longings, bring them out.

How to set yourself up for growth.

An idea is not enough you have to act. Natalie Goldberg

To get what you want doesn’t require talent, just practice.

How to turn your passion into reality.

Are you ready to receive the gifts of new beginnings and fresh ideas?

First steps are critically important. They just don’t have to be perfect and rarely are.

It’s about executing, rather than thinking about executing. Joanna Penn

Clients still want the best, the brightest, the latest.

Be prepared for when the luck will come. Practice. Practice. Practice.

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