Gene and Helen are back from the U. K. – Dublin and London.  They visited Kathleen and their son Chris in London while Kathleen (Carol Rance) was filming Episodes.  While on the set Gene had a chance to help the actors and film crew with their personal issues.

Joanie’s back from a trip to Wyoming and en route discovered a statue of Abraham Lincoln with the quote “We must think anew and act anew.”  Dick and Gene swear they never saw the quote before writing Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief.  However, in these troubled times needing creative solutions, it might not be a bad idea to send our representatives in Washington a copy of Thinking Anew along with Lincoln’s quote.

Dick went to Hell and back twice.  He had his plumbing rerouted . .  . a radical cystectomy . . .  and is experiencing how powerful the human body is when it needs to adapt.   They removed the bladder with the tumor and used his large intestines as the replacement bladder, called an Indiana pouch.  He was scared and complaining about having lost 36 pounds and having low blood pressure until Gene reminded him about how much people would pay for those kinds of results.

The second time Dick went to Hell and back he spent the weekend in 103° weather (September and October are the hottest months in Southern California)  reading a scholarly  guide of the masterpiece Dante’s Inferno.  There is no doubt in Dick’s mind why Dante was exiled from Florence, Italy as he named the people he saw in Hell, many of which had held important positions in church and state.

The Thinking Anew website has been updated with a book trailer.  The book trailer was directed and edited by two TV producers, Gene’s son Chris and Scott Patch.

We also added diet/weight loss mantras that can be downloaded by anyone for free.   We eventually hope to provide specific mantras for each of the challenges Gene’s client’s face. If you know anyone needing help losing weight they can download their copy at .

Dick gave a talk at the end of September with Dr. James Hardeman, author of Appears Younger Than Stated Age.  The talk was hosted by the YMCA and titled A Roadmap to the Fountain of Youth: Untangling Diet Myths and Creating a Successful Weight Loss Strategy.   Dr. Jim Hardeman is a pulmonary disease, critical care physician and the physician advisor to the clinical nutrition services at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, California.  He has maintained the same weight since age 16 and his book is a no nonsense guide to weight loss.  Dick introduced to the audience how to use the power of writing to challenge self-destructive weight loss beliefs.

Dick and Gene were recently interviewed by Dr. Raphael Love aka “Doctah Love Podcast Radio Show” as part of his landmark investigation into the factors and forces behind successful individuals and businesses and the challenges they have overcome along the way.  You can listen to the podcast at

The Dalai Lama is now following Dick on Twitter.  You never know who is listening.


Here are some quotes we think you might enjoy:


“Listen Dear Journal, I will tell you what I will tell no one else.” Ella Gertrude Clanton/Dr. Jennifer Howard

“Scribbling is the first important step towards bringing in the world of imagination from your creative mind to paper.”  Kim Rosen

“My most essential possession is a standard-sized school notebook.”  Richard Branson

“Your job is only to write your heart out and let destiny take care of the rest.”  Elizabeth Gilbert

“The essence of greatness is the ability to choose personal fulfillment in circumstances where others choose madness.” Victor Frankl

“Write hard and clear about what hurts.”  Ernest Hemingway

“The pen, expressing the soul’s passion, is mightier than the sword because imagination can change the life of a people at their very routes.”  Thomas Moore

“The uniqueness of a person is made up of the insane and the twisted as much as it is of the rational and normal.”  Thomas Moore

“Including writing practice in your daily life cuts through repetitious, obsessive thinking.”  Natalie Goldberg

“The time in the notebook creates an enduring power.”  Natalie Goldberg

“I write so that others could see that they don’t have to be stuck in darkness.  Nor do people have to turn to substances for comfort.  I believe with every fiber of my being that we all have a divine component to our life and once we tap into it, we can overcome and achieve anything.”  Juan Blea

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