Ask the Model – Gesture Writing


The essence of drawing is gesture – finding the energy, effect and impact the scene is having on your emotions and then draw those feelings.  Artists and writers strive to document their emotions because they know their feelings are what will attract others to their presentation.  In both visual art and creative writing, it’s you the collector or reader wants to know.  This is tough to do, even harder to explain in words, but life drawing model and author Rachel Howard does it with remarkable skill and insight in her piece Gesture Writing.

Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief  is about creating an environment where you can capture your creative thoughts on paper.  Starting with mantras to get your creative juices going, you will quickly notice your personal creative thoughts bubbling up from within.  It’s important to capture these raw, naked and what might at first seem irrational thoughts, in writing.  These stream of consciousness or gesture writings will become your personal creative strategy to move forward.   While Rachel Howard can do it in 5 minutes, beginners must learn to get past their internal sensors and hecklers . . . their ego.

Gesture writing takes practice, practice, practice, but you’ll eventually get to where you are meant to be.  If after a while you’re still having a hard time mastering this approach, you might try modeling.