Where You Can Find Me


Solving the riddle of what you are meant to be is a lifelong challenge.  We are always changing and who I was yesterday is not who I am today.  So where do you go to find yourself?   The trick is get past your conscious sensors . . . where you usually hang out  . . . so you access your subconscious . . . your soul.  Expressive timed writing can get you there.  Find a journal.  Spend ten minutes writing about what you are meant to be and don’t stop no matter what the distraction.  I guarantee you within two minutes your mind will be screaming “this is a waste of time. What a dumb idea this is.”   Ignore these distractions.  Don’t stop writing.  It’s your ego feeling threatened.   What you are trying to capture and make visible are the raw creative thoughts that will well up from within your subconscious.


Father Tim Bushy recently introduced me to a lovely celebration and re-commitment journal that contained this great advice.  “During periods of transitions, I’ve thought and prayed “What would God have me do?” – as if I expected to become aware of something that was outside of me and/or separate from me.  Reflection leads me to know that it is my innermost desire which will lead me to the answer.  My deepest longings/cravings are rooted in God; they evolve from God within me.  The unfolding occurs in a variety of ways but being attuned to/holding to the world of life.”   Linda Faulhaber, CSJ, Proclaiming the Great Love of God:  Living With a Jubilee Heart – (A Journal)


The journal is available at each of the 7 advanced care hospitals operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph  Orange in Orange County, California and the High Desert.