Confidence in Christ

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Dick Quis recently gave a talk at an innovative three-day bilingual prison retreat with a touch of mime and music. The program, called Residents Encounter Christ, was conducted at the Marana Community Correctional Treatment Facility, a private Arizona State prison near Tucson, that provides custody and substance abuse treatment for 500 adult male inmates. Here’s Quis’ presentation:   Confidence in … Read More

Your Pen is Your Magic Wand – Creativity

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Gene and Dick were recently at Ollivanders watching wannabe witches and wizards get measured and matched to a magic wand. The wand selections were overwhelming. The wand cores were made from exotic materials like Phoenix feathers and holly wood.  The more expensive wands could even activate motion in the shop windows on Diagon Alley.  Gene and Dick tried a few … Read More

Thinking Anew on Twitter

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Thinking Anew is now in its second printing and the book has attracted over 1400 followers on Twitter in 27 countries. Our Tweets have earned over 19,000 impressions, 1,000 likes and 40 retweets. Fortunately, Dick kept manual records because Twitter lost 1100 of these followers due to what is called Twitter’s “Unfollow Big.” It’s no wonder the recent Twitter auction … Read More

Depression Journal

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Writing your thoughts down on the page begins the healing process.  While this communication with yourself and your Higher Power makes you vulnerable, it’s those written truths that are vital to recovery. Elizabeth Gilbert is a master story teller and quite effective at explaining how someone can heal by writing.  In her best-selling book Eat, Pray,Love Gilbert makes visible her … Read More

Lots of Changes – Thinking Anew

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Gene and Helen are back from the U. K. – Dublin and London.  They visited Kathleen and their son Chris in London while Kathleen (Carol Rance) was filming Episodes.  While on the set Gene had a chance to help the actors and film crew with their personal issues. Joanie’s back from a trip to Wyoming and en route discovered a … Read More

Rx – Thinking Anew


If Thinking Anew was a pill the prescription label would read: Rx Prescription When Thinking Anew journaling, write your aspirations by hand for 20/30 minutes each morning for 90 days.  Be sure to capture the creative thoughts that bubble up while writing.  These thoughts will become your success strategy going forward. Read the directions at least 3X’s Use with a … Read More

Eating Disorders: When Your Best Thinking isn’t Enough


We often hear from readers who use Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief as a food journal to help them better focus on their weight loss program.   While I was doing research to accommodate them with diet specific mantras, I came across a fabulous book that explains and provides guidance for people who have lost control of their diet.  … Read More

A Diary of the Coming Day


Master writers, poets and therapeutic writers use stream of consciousness writing to document and capture creative thoughts that bubble up from their subconscious. Here are three quotes from The Writer’s Handbook, edited by Howard Junker, that explain how writing in the morning helps them start the day. If you want to see the raw notes of professional writers at the … Read More

Ask the Model – Gesture Writing


The essence of drawing is gesture – finding the energy, effect and impact the scene is having on your emotions and then draw those feelings.  Artists and writers strive to document their emotions because they know their feelings are what will attract others to their presentation.  In both visual art and creative writing, it’s you the collector or reader wants … Read More