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Fascinating Authors Interview: Dick Quis and Gene Moynihan:


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Radio Reading by Gene Moynihan – Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief

NetCast Studios’Conversation Corner

You can listen to the podcast of Dick Quis’ March 7, 2013 radio interview on NetCast Studios’ Conversation Corner with radio hosts Rick Limpert and Steve Lee where they talk about Moynihan and Quis’ new self-help book Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief and self-publishing.  Listen in as they delve into the business side of marketing and promoting a book and explore why Quis believes so strongly that writing a book is a creative act, but selling and marketing a book is a business venture.


Spotlight Indianapolis, FM 93.1 WIBC – Radio Host and Publisher of Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly Glee Renick-May interviews  Dick Quis on “Spotlight Indianaplois” 30 am EST.

The Donna Seebo Show –  Donna Seebo,  an International Mental Practitioner/Psychic Counselor, Radio /Television Personality interviews Gene Moynihan and Dick Quis.

You can listen to the live broadcast  at Show#237


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December 2015/January 2016

For a Fabulous 2016, One Tip: Take it Slow by Ted Spiker, Professor and Chair – Department of Journalism – University of Florida

The Write Way to Slow Down

We all have our own way of challenging the tyranny of time.

But one thing proven to help you slow down is writing down your thoughts and feelings. In longhand. On paper.

“The beauty of writing is that it allows you to capture your creative thoughts,” says Richard Quis, coauthor of Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief.

But it’s not just writing; it’s taking time to think and process recent life events. The ritual is an effective way for you to analyze situations creatively and to stay centered during difficult times.

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Escribir para ayudarte a bajar el ritmo

Todos tenemos nuestra propia manera de desafiar la tiranía del tiempo.

Pero una cosa que se ha comprobado que es útil para ayudarte a bajar la velocidad es escribir tus pensamientos y sentimientos. A mano. En un papel.

“La belleza de escribir es que te permite capturar tus pensamientos creativos”, dice Richard Quis, coautor de Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief (Pensar de nuevo: cómo aprovechar el poder de creer).

Pero no es solamente escribir; es tomarte el tiempo para pensar y procesar los sucesos recientes de la vida. Este ritual es una manera eficaz para que analices las situaciones con creatividad y permanezcas centrado durante los momentos difíciles.

Editorial Reviews

Marsha’s Spot . . .  “This book is 200 pages of awesomeness. I see and feel such a positive difference in my life just since starting to write. I missed one day writing first thing in the morning as I over slept. The rest of the day was nothing but chaos. The power of positive thinking is real and writing is real”

Dominique’s Desk (Singapore) . . . The book itself is a great starting point for one who is interested in embarking on a spiritual journey of self discovery

Jen’s Blog of Random Thoughts (Canada) . . . “The authors of this book are very inspiring.!”

 Genre  . . . “There is truth to the fact that if you write things down you do begin to bring things to fruition. My preferred book for note taking and such.”

Career Women Coaching   . . . “When we follow the belief within that absolutely convinces us that we are on the right track, it is a magical place to be.  Doors open, obstacles fall away, and whatever is needed seems to appear almost of itself, and in the exact perfect moment!” –  See more at:

CEO Blog Nation . .  . “This is a gripping, private, non-judgmental approach to personal transformation.”

Celebrity Parents Magazine article July17, 2016 The Power of Writing Down What You Want