How to Handle an Emotional Hangover


On a cruise ship, in the Caribbean, with my spouse. Soft rain covers the lounge chairs surrounding the pool, and the mood on the ship is subdued, on this next to the last day of our trip. Last night’s high energy, fueled by the loud calypso music and margarita’s, all but forgotten as the reality of returning to the home port in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, forces it’s way into the vacation mode our minds have been set on since our sailing last week. The daily entry in my book of intentions addresses the whisper of negativity that struggles to gain entry into my attitude. In spite of my abstinence from alcohol, I awoke with a hangover, albeit an emotional one, since seeing the rain on the window of my cabin, this morning. The solution to the “dry drunk syndrome,” a phrase with which I label this periodic lapse of attitude and which always seems to strike at some time during a vacation, is to begin focusing on what it is that I want now. I force myself to think about the facts of where I am right now. On vacation. On a cruise with my wonderful wife. ENJOYING MYSELF! As I write the words in my book, I feel the angst begin to subside. More positive thoughts begin to follow, and soon I find myself feeling better, more positive, certainly more appropriately in tune with my surroundings. Once again, I am the co-creator of my daily experience. Once again, it works!