I Did It


I did it . . . the words every parent loves to hear from their child.  There’s so much pride and joy  contained in those ancient but simple words.

My art friend recently sent me a video from Christian Broadcasting Network where artist Ron Di Cianni explains how he painted the Resurrection Mural that now hangs in the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas.  Di Cianni did his research and painted the emotions he felt when reading the story of each of the characters he painted on the mural.  This is what painting and writing is all about . . . sharing and communicating your raw emotions.

Di Cianni tells about painting those basic words on to Christ’s face as He exited His tomb beaming to His father “I did it.”

Whenever you overcome your fears and accomplish what you thought was impossible, make sure you wear the joy and pride on your face and tell someone “ I did it.”