The Gift that Keeps on Giving – Our Ability to Create


I heard a story on the radio about how someone’s grandma was the gift that keeps giving.  She was buried in a plot in Signal Hill, California years before oil was discovered under the cemetery.  Since the family owned the plot and the mineral rights under the coffin, they were entitled to receive royalty payments from whomever they let extract the oil.  Sometimes it’s better to be lucky then smart. 

While most people don’t inherit fortunes, each of us are born with the ability to create.  Our Thinking Anew composition books are where we make our creative thoughts visible.  This is where we document the imaginative possibilities that bubble up from our subconscious.   When faced with the need to solve an intractable problem, you need to get out of your left brain and into your creative right brain and play with the issues.  Yes, play with them.  Rearrange them.  Dress them up or make them naked.  You will know you have a solution once your emotions create goose bumps on your arms or a calm settles within you.  Once you have found the solution or at least a strategy you would like to try, you then need to get into your left brain so you can execute your new strategy.

Never underestimate your imagining ability to solve problems.  Genius is the ability to access your experiences.  Showing up each morning for your daily free range writing is what is most important.  Don’t ever feel guilty for the gifts that keep on giving.  They’re your birthright.